Rapadura was born as a reaction to the mainstream designs for recipe websites. Cluttered with unnecessary information ranging from personal stories, to popup ads, their designs have proved frustrating to readers looking to focus on following a recipe and taking pleasure from cooking.


We removed loads of unnecessary distraction, ranging from personal experiences to popups, to provide only what you need.

divide & conquer

Recipes can be overwhelming, especially when they last long. We structure our recipes like short guides with chapters to keep your energy up and reward progress.

VOICE controlled

Since your hands are busy cooking, we let you navigate across a recipe using your voice. It's as simple as 'Next step' and 'Previous step'.

less is more

We release new recipes slowly because we believe less is more. Challenge yourself to perfect our existing recipes!


We believe traditional advertisement hinders the recipe experience. We'll find another way to finance the costs of Rapadura.


Get in touch with me by email: leo(.)chazalon@gmail.com